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‘There is no one online’ combines still and moving image, performance and text. It is a sequence of self-portraits captured from the recording of a one hour performance shot with a webcam in front of an empty wall.


Processed to look like a malfunctioning video, the final outcome can be described as a Skype conversation bearing the scars of a bad connection. Or, more playfully, as a make-up session where webcams have finally replaced mirrors.


It is an effort to explore the deeper relation between physical image (body) and identity in the internet age, to address a wounded self-perception that has fallen under the constant deconstructive scrutiny of an unseen eye. Inspired by Francis Bacon's study of the human figure ‘There is no one online’ is also a confession, a love letter and an act of self-loathing: an attempt to control the chilling touch of technology and the forces trying to reshape our bodies in the digital world.

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