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June 8, 2021
'COME TOGETHER, RIGHT NOW - GATHERING 20/21' - exhibition opening at Pepney Gallery

'COME TOGETHER, RIGHT NOW - GATHERING 20/21' opens at Pepney Gallery on 8th June 2021. The exhibition presents a combination of past virtual shows that took place during the quarantine, in a time of isolation and depression. Those shows were very important for all of us artists to connect and keep working. During this exhibition I participate with my work “malfunctioning portraits” that was initially presented at IDENTITY show (December 7 2020 – January 7 2021). 
Streaming Live on Facebook & Instagram at 7pm GMT on 10th June 2021.
Viewing daily from 10am -5.15pm GMT 

tides of century-opening 20-5-2021.png

May 20, 2021

Opening today for “Memory Lane” at Τides of the century - Ocean Flower Island International Art Exhibition in China

The Opening of the exhibition The Tides of The Century held in 7 newly built Museums in Hainan, China, took place today at 4:00 am Greek time. It is a very important art event and I am very happy and proud to take part with my video work “Memory Lane” as part of Athens Digital Arts Festival selection. The exhibition is part of the 2021 Greece-China Year of Culture and Tourism, an initiative that aims to strengthen ties between the two countries and expand collaboration in the two fields. The “Tides of the century” international art exhibition is organized by the China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) and the Evergrade Group, among other organizations and it will last until December 8th 2021. 

Good old Days info poster.jpg

May 13, 2021

Opening of the exhibition “Good Old Days” at FokiaNou Art Space

Dear Friends! I am very pleased to invite you at the exhibition “Good Old Days” that starts on Thursday 13th of May at Fokianou Art Space, where I participate with my two-channel video installation “Lausanne 16.15-16.45”.  The video, that was originally shot in 2015 and edited in 2021 on the occasion of the exhibition, depicts a walk in Lake Geneva in late February, the only sunny day of that year’s winter vacation.

Duration: 13 - 29 May 2021. Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 17.00 - 20.00.

FokiaNou Art Space, Fokianou 24, 7th floor, Pagkrati, Athens. Metro: Evangelismos.

#1 Festval DUNA.jpg

May 2, 2021
Presentation at 1st Duna Festival

On the first weekend of May, as a way of celebrating its first year, Project DUNA invites artists from various past rounds to present new and old works. The two-day online festival focuses on presentations around “art & nature” on Saturday and “women & art” on Sunday. In that frame, I will be presenting my work “Malfunctioning Portraits” on Sunday, during a 4-hour program full of feminist films, videos and discussions between the artists, the curators and the audience.


After Sunday, you can watch the full presentation in Duna’s YouTube Channel:

March 4, 2021

Instagram Takeover at Project Duna

For the next three days I will take over @projectduna ‘s Instagram account, presented bits and pieces of my project «Malfunctioning Portraits». «Malfunctioning Portraits» consist of approximately 40 photos and short videos which are the outcome of filming myself in front of my broken laptop’s camera in order to capture a series of disfigured self-portraits. The project, that originated as a commission for “Alchemic Body” exhibition in Bogota and aimed to be a comment on image and identity in the digital era, seems even more relevant to me now that our whole lives have been transferred online.

Make sure to follow and feel free to comment, share and send me your thoughts on the project.

identity catalogue.png

February 24, 2021

IDENTITY Exhibition Catalogue is now ready

The catalogue of the IDENTITY exhibition that took place last December / January in Pepney Gallery in Cavan, Ireland is now ready. The catalogue includes works by approximately 30 artists, among which the digital video of my work “Malfunctioning Portraits”.

You can now watch and downloaded in the link below!

Duna Residency.jpg

February 22, 2021

Project DUNA: Online Residency and IG Takeover

I am very excited to participate in this beautiful project @projectduna, a platform for sharing practices and poetics. The project, divided in circles, invites artists from all over the world to present their new routines and creative processes and I am particularly happy to participate in round #8.2 that is titled: Women, Identity and Subjectivity. During this residency I will be presenting my work “malfunctioning portraits”, a series of self-portraits trying to address the issues of image and identity in digital age.
Stay tuned!!

tides of century 8-2-2021.jpeg

February 8, 2021

“Memory Lane” at Τides of the century - Ocean Flower Island International Art Exhibition in China

My work “Memory Lane” will be part of the video installation curated by Athens Digital Arts Festival in the frame of Τides of the century - Ocean Flower Island International Art Exhibition that will take place from February 8 – December 8 2021 in the Hainan province of China. Greece is the exhibition's guest of honor and it will provide a retrospective of country's contemporary art scene from 1970 to 2020 via 73 works from this period. The exhibition is part of the 2021 Greece-China Year of Culture and Tourism, an initiative that aims to strengthen ties between the two countries and expand collaboration in the two fields. The “Tides of the century” international art exhibition is organized by the China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) and the Evergrade Group, among other organizations.

Female Faces.jpg

February 8, 2021

Female Faces website is now launched

The website of Female Faces project where I participate with my film “Efface Yourself” is now launched! Female Faces project is addressing women’s rights through a series of short films portraying female figures, and I am very excited to present the video portrait of the dancer, physical theatre actress and marvelous teacher Olga Gerogiannaki.

Stay tuned as the project aims to travel internationally, collaborating with museums, periodic exhibitions, public installations and festivals around the world!

Just Before the Earthquake.png

February 1, 2021

“Just before the earthquake” on Video Art Miden youtube channel

This February I co-curate, along with Pietro Radin, a selection of 10 short video poems that bridge the gap between film and literary image. The films explore different aspects of our old and new normality, from the paradoxical magic of everyday life imagery to the moments of existential agony. The selection will be available from 1to 28 of February in Video Art Miden youtube channel.

Do not miss it!

EARTHLINNKS at mink festival FORMAT.jpg

December 21, 2020

“EARTLNINGS: Snapshots from the end” at mink festival

A curated selection of 10 video works showcasing the everyday existence on Earth against the backdrop of humankind’s burdensome ecological footprint, will be on display from 21.12.2020 in the frame of mink festival – A zoo of the pandemic. The festival will run online at until the 21st of March. The selection was curated along with Pietro Radin for Video Art Miden and was first screened in Video Art Miden’s YouTube channel in October 2020.


December 16, 2020
“A Prelude to Peer Gynt” at Artens Festival 2020

Dear friends, I am so happy to participate with my work “A Prelude to Peer Gynt” in this year’s Artens Festival 2020 that focuses on gender equality and raises awareness about gender-based violence. The exhibition hosts artists’ works in its YouTube channel and a series of discussions and presentations through Zoom online platform.

Opening: Wednesday 16.12.2020 at 19:00. Lasts until the 20th of December.

Identity Cover Image.jpg

December 07, 2020

"Malfunctioning portraits" at Pepney Gallery in Ireland

Dear all, I am pleased to share the news of participation of one of my “Malfunctioning portraits” in the online virtual exhibition titled ‘Identity’ hosted by Pepney Gallery in Ireland. “Malfunctioning portraits” is a series of disfigured self-portraits that resulted from filming myself in front of my broken laptop’s camera. It is a comment on image and identity in digital era, issues I had the opportunity re-examine during the pandemic. The exhibition, that runs until 7th January  2021, will officially open virtually on 7th December 2020 live on Pepney Gallery Facebook page at 8pm GMT. 

Balkans Today exhibition extension.jpeg

October 18, 2020

“Balkans Today.” Exhibition extension until October 25, 2020

Great news: our pop-up exhibition “Balkans Today. The present of a wounded Landscape” will be extended for one more week and you can visit it until 25th of October 2020. Thanks to all participating artists and shop owners!

Balkans Today.jpg

October 9, 2020

Opening of the exhibition “Balkans Today. The present of a wounded Landscape”

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my first curated photo-exhibition titled “Balkans Today. The present of a wounded Landscape”. Along with Penelope Thomaidi we selected, through an open call, 26 photographers from 12 countries participate in our exhibition. Their photographic series will be distributed in shops’ windows across the streets of Exarcheia, in the frame of the 3rd BCK Film Symposium of Athens.

The exhibition will run from 9th to 18th of October.

Habitats-onine film festival.jpg

May 07-21, 2020

Invited curator at “Habitats – the online documentary film festival”

In these difficult times, I am glad to one of the curators that will create the online Spring edition of Balkan Can Kino’s documentary film festival “Habitats”. In order to keep in touch with friends and audience who have supported it warmly so far, Balkan Can Kino has decided to continue its screenings by inviting its member-curators to select and present films from its archive, under the general context of “home”. In that frame I will be presenting the work “PUMP”, a performative docufiction by Joseph David that will be screened from Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th of May in BCK’s website.

Artist in Residence_Leonidio.jpg

February 22 – March 02, 2020

Artist-in-Residence at LatoMeio Project Residency

I am so happy to be once more at Leonidio, invited by LatoMeio Project , to participate at its 2nd artist residency both as a filmmaker and film curator! The Residency, themed by Ray Bradbury’s novel “The Martian Chronicles” for the second time, invites from 22nd of February to 2nd of March 10 artists (performers, dancers, designers, filmmakers, photographers and curators) from all around Europe to get inspired and collaborate in a sci-fi poetic context. A small presentation will take part on 29.02.2020 at Panjika Cooperative. 

Stay tuned for the outcome!

Caprichos de Goya_Teloglion1.jpg

February 22, 2020 

Video installation at Teloglion Foundation in Thessaloniki

This Saturday three video works based on etchings of Francisco Goya will be presented at Teloglion Foundation of Thessaloniki as part of the audiovisual performance for guitar and video “Caprichos de Goya” that was premiered last year at Italian Institute of Athens.

Many thanks to the performer Artemis Manakou, the photographers Dimitris Panagopoulos & Panos Kefalos and the editor Pietro Radin for helping put these videos together!


February 19, 2020

Presentation at “Cinema Plural” opening conference - 6th Berlin Critics‘ Week 2020

During Berlinale the conference “Cinema Plural” opens the Critics’ Week 2020 at Theaterdiscounter and I am more than excited to be part of it! This Wednesday at 20:00 we will talk, along with the curators and filmmakers Aleksandra Milovanovic, Branka Pavlovic, Marianna Kaplatzi and Oliver Bassemir about new forms of cinema the film culture dynamics that surround us. 

This year, the Berlin Critics’ Week that will take part from February 20th-27th, 2020 at the Hackesche Höfe cinema.

“Hang in there” at the online ARTBOX.GAL

September 1, 2019

 “Hang in there” at the online ARTBOX.GALLERY in Zurich

My work “Hang in there” will continue to “be virtually hanging” for two more months at the online gallery of Artbox.Projects. The work will be exhibited on the ARTBOX.SCREEN at the space of ARTBOX.GALLERY in Zurich for the months of September and November.

Many thanks to the Gallery team!


June 17, 2019

 “Hang in there” at Swissartexpo this August!

My work “Hang in There (Self-Portrait)” will be presented from 15th to 19th of August at Zurich during Swissartexpo 2019 in the frame of the ARTBOX.PROJECTS Zürich 1.0. It is a photographic work-in-progress, and the first time I am exhibiting a still-images work. Stay tuned, as more photos from the exhibition will follow. Cheers!


February 01, 2019

EVERY BUILDING ON (THE WAY HOME): Exhibition extension until 09/02/2019

Hey all, great news! The exhibition “Athens under the microscope” where I participate with my work EVERY BUILDING ON (THE WAY HOME) has been extended until Saturday 9th of February. See you there!


January 26, 2019

Artist Talk and Presentation of my work “THE WAY HOME” at FokiaNou Art Space

On Saturday 26th of January at 6.30 pm. I will be presenting my work “(EVERY BUILDING ON) THE WAY HOME” at FokiaNou Art Space (Fokianou 24, Pagrati). The presentation is held in the frame of the group exhibition “Athens Under the Microscope” where I participate along with 19 more local and international artists who currently work in Athens. Be there!


January 16, 2019

“(EVERY BUILDING ON) THE WAY HOME” selected to be part of “Athens Under the Microscope” Art Exhibition

My 6-minute video-work (EVERY BUILDING ON) THE WAY HOME will be part of the group exhibition  “Athens Under the Microscope” that will take place at FokiaNou Art Space in Pagrati, Athens, from January 16 - February 2, 2019. The exhibition features artists that focus on the minute details of Athens, to produce a wide array of interpretation in the form of paintings, photography, sculpture, mixed-media work and video. Works were selected by curators Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris from an open call conducted in the fall of 2018.   

VIDEO ART+ Special Screening in Athens-.

November 30, 2018

VIDEO ART+ Special Screening in Athens

Great News! The program “VIDEO ART+” that was projected last weekend at R2 Gallery in Thessaloniki will be repeated here in Athens. The program includes the works of 12 contemporary video artists and filmmakers from all over the world and it will be followed by a special screening with focus on female artists where I participate with two of my recent works -“Memoty Lane” (2016) and “There is no one online” (2017).

Video Installation _ R2 Gallery in Thess

November 24, 2018

Video Installation @ R2 Gallery in Thessaloniki

On 24th of November I will show three of my video works -Memory Lane (2016), (every building on) The way home(2017) and There is no one online (2017) - during a special screening dedicated to women artists in experimental cinema that will take place in the city of Thessaloniki. The screening is part of the 3-day screening event “Balkan On Tour” organized by Balkan Can Kino.

women working in film.jpg

November 10, 2018

Participation at Panel & Discussion “From Alice Guy-Blaché to today: women working in film”

Join us this Saturday, 10th of November, in an open discussion about the problems and challenges women film professionals have to deal with in our everyday practice of art in the contemporary Greek film landscape. The discussion will be held in the frame of the 1st BCK Film Symposium, at Balkan Can Kino screening space, at 5 p.m


November 04, 2018

Interview to Petros Kontes for the Greek newspaper “Epoxi”

Our interview to Petros Kontes for “Epoxi” newspaper was just published! Along with my friend, colleague and co-organizer of the 1st BCK Film Symposium, Dimitra Mitsaki, we talk about our collective cinema, Balkan Can Kino, our plans and goals, our current and future collaborations, as well as about self-organization and alternative structures of film education in Greece. You can read the full article in the following link (sorry only in Greek):

balcan can kino.jpg

November 02, 2018

1st Film Symposium at Balkan Can Kino

This fall we are organizing, along with the other members of Balkan Can Kino, the 1st Film Symposium that will take place in Athens from 02 to 11 of November 2018. The Symposium will feature panels, screenings, workshops and discussions on contemporary filmmaking and the cinematic art, while it will host groups and individual filmmakers from Greece, Turkey, France and Germany.

Many thanks to MEME Gallery

( Communitism

( for their help and collaboration!


September 28, 2018

Interview: WomenCineMakers art & indepedent cinema Special Edition

A detailed interview to WomenCineMakers Magazine was just published! I would really like to thank Francis L. Quettier and Dora S. Tennant whose insightful questions not only gave me the opportunity to talk about my latest short film “There is no one online”, but also led to a deep conversation about experimental cinema practices and the future of women filmmakers in the contemporary art scene.


July 31, 2018

“There is no one online” open-air screening

“There is no one online” will be screened as part of Greek Panorama – Open Air Screenings that will take place on Tuesday 31 of July in Rematia Theatre at Chalandri, Greece. The program, curated by members of Balkan Can Kino in cooperation with Our Festival 4,  will present short documentaries, fiction and experimental films made by Greek directors within the last 3 years.


July 29, 2018

BalkanCanKino at Our Festival 4

This year our team “Balkan Can Kino” is officially invited to be part of Our Festival 4, a meeting of independent artists in Rematia Festival, at Chalandri, Greece. During the festival we will be organizing a film workshop for kids on how to make movies with simple media, such as smartphones, tablets and mobile phones, followed by a curated projection of 6 international animated short films. On 31/7 we will also present a selection of films that highlight the contemporary Greek film production.

Entrance is free and you are all welcome!


May 22, 2018

“There is no one online” at WomenCineMakers 2018 - Biennial Edition

Great news! “There is no one online” has been officialy selected to be part of the Biennial Edition of WomenCinemakers 2018!

WomenCinemakers features new media artists and independent filmmakers, opening up a new space for both newcomers and established women directors from around the world to share their powerful films and ideas, encouraging mutual exchange where the filmmakers and critics can converge to discuss the becoming of the film industry.


April 16, 2018

New video work releases! Presentation of video & exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute.

My newest videos “Volaverunt”, “Al Conde Palatino” and “El sueno de la razon produce monstruos” inspired by the homonymous etching series by Spanish painter Francisco Goya (1746-1828) and made to accopmany the live audiovisual performance “Caprichos de Goya” will be presented on 16&17 of April at the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens, Greece. Celebrating the first presentation of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's work “Caprichos de Goya” for solo guitar in Greece by guitarist Nikos Zarkos, I was called along with eight more greek video artists to create new video works in order to develop an innovative dialogue between music and visual art. The event commemorates both the 190th anniversary of Francisco Goya’s death and the 50th anniversary of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s death and is a co-production of the Italian Cultural Institute, the Cervantes Institute in cooperation with Delta-Pi.

trash_ xploi_ tation.jpg

April 14, 2018

“There is no one online” at Trashxploitation Film Festival

My film “There is no one online” will be screened on 14 of April at the closing event of Trashxploitation Film Festival in Communitism space in Athens! The event, curated by Andreea Macea and Vladimir Palibrk, will include an international selection of the festival's archive as well as a program focused on local artists and filmmakers.

NEWS 3.jpg

March 26, 2018

Backstage photos of my new video-work for “Caprichos de Goya”!

Just a sneak peek with backstage photos during the shooting of my new work for the audio-visual performance “Caprichos de Goya” for solo guitar and video that will be presented on 16&17 of April 2018 at Instituto Italiano Di Cultura, in Athens, Greece. Many thanks to the performer Artemis Manakou and the director of photography Dimitris Panagopoulos who helped me realized the video!

Photo credits: Pietro Radin.

NEWS 1.jpg

February 23, 2018

“Memory Lane” published at Anima Mundi International Art Festival Catalogue

I am so very happy and honored to see my name and my work published at the beautifully curated catalogue of Anima Mundi International Art Festival that was held from May to November 2017 in Venice, Italy!


January 26, 2018

“There is no one online”: Screening and Q&A at Balkan Can Kino

A special screening followed by Q&A for my new film "There is no one online" here in Athens! The film will be projected along with 5 more experimental shorts by Greek filmmakers on January 26, 21.00 at Balkan Can Kino (Kerameikou 26). Be there!

international video poetry festival.jpg

January 19, 2018

“Mothers” at 6th International Video Poetry Festival

Athens International Video Poetry Festival comes back in January and my video “Mothers” will be part of the 2-day program full of projections, live concerts, video art installations and performances!

The festival is organized and curated by +the Institute [for Experimental Arts] and Void Network and will take place on Fr.19 + Sat. 20 January 2018 at Theatre Empros – Athens.


December 20, 2017

"Memory Lane" published at Athens Digital Arts Festival | 2017 Catalogue

Athens Digital Arts Festival | 2017 Catalogue is now ready! ADAF 2017 | #PostFuture, where I participated with my work “Memory Lane”, took place last May in Athens!


December 16, 2017

"Radiowaves" part of the annual “Snap to Grid” exhibition at LACDA in LA

Opening on 16 December 2017 for the exhibition "Snap to Grid" at LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art where hundreds of single images by various artists will be shown! My work "Radiowaves" (work-in-progress in its early stages) will be among them.
“Radiowaves” is a series of still images captured from video footage of industrial landscapes I shot in the suburbs of Athens (Greece). Mirrored and processed to resemble the black dots of the once fashionable Rorschach test, they welcome any viewer willing to interrogate their shapes.
Exhibition will last until January 6, 2018.

photo of projection at jorge jurado gale

November 28, 2017

“There is no one online” at Jorge Jurado Gallery

Photo during the projection of my film “There is no one online” at Jorge Jurado Gallery in Bogotá Colombia.

Et Tu.jpg

November 17, 2017

"I want my hair to be beautiful": from November 17th at "Et tu, Art Brute?" Exhibition in New York

AEG Underground Andrew Edlin Gallery, NYC, New York

November 17, 2017 – January 28, 2018


The unconventional exhibition "Et Tu, Art Brute?" opens on November 17th at Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York and my work "Self-portrait: I want my hair to be beautiful" (film still from the video “There is no one online”) will be there among artworks made by artists of different backgrounds and disciplines.
The exhibition will run from 17 November 2017 to 28 January 2018 and all works will be available for sale at a fixed price, no matter their source, aiming to push back against the notions of hierarchy and vetoes in the art world.

photo 1.jpg

November 10, 2017

Watching you watching me: “There is no one online” at Art NXT Level Gallery

November 10, 2017

Watching you watching me: “There is no one online” at Art NXT Level Gallery

Strangloscope poster.jpg

November 08, 2017

"Overexposed" selected at STRANGLOSCOPE experimental Video/Film, Audio, Performance International Festival in Brazil

November 8 – 13, 2017
Florianopolis, Santa Caterina – Brazil


Great news! "Overexposed" was selected by Festival Miden to participate along with 7 more video works by Greek artists at The International Sound, Video / Film & Experimental Performance Festival Strangloscope in Brazil!

Celebrating its tenth edition, festival Strangloscope has invited major curators, international festivals and video art platforms from all over the world to present selections from their programs. In this context, Miden prepared the selection “Space to communicate! -Thinking ironically on the concept of Territorialities” curated by Margarita Stavraki

alchemic_body poster 3.png

November 01, 2017

“There is no one online” at ALCHEMIC BODY International Art Exhibition in Colombia this fall

November 01-30, 2017

Jorge Jurado Gallery,Bogotá, Colombia


Itsliquid Group, an international platform for contemporary art, invited me to present my work “There is no one online” this fall at the one month exhibition “Alchemic body | Fire . Air . Water . Earth” that will take place at Jorge Jurado Gallery in Bogotá, Colombia!

The exhibition's theme is focused on the concept of transformation and it will run from 1 to 30 November 2017.


October 20, 2017

“There is no one online” selected at “Power of the Feminine” Twisted Oyster Film Festival in Chicago

October 20 – November 10 2017

Art NXT Level Projects /33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, Illinois


My newest work “There is no one online” was officially selected at Twisted Oyster Film Festival's Video and New Media Art Exhibition that will take place at Art NXT Level Projects /33 Contemporary Gallery in the recognized Zhou Brothers Art Center in Chicago!

The exhibition, which is organized by Kinetic Art Projects and curated by Pia Cruzalegui, will include   video art, installations with a time-based component, web art and performances. This year, the festival is dedicated to time-based media art works by female artists and 15 women/female creators from all around the world will be presented in the show under the theme “The Power of the Feminine”.

Anima Mundi Opening party.jpg

October 20, 2017

Opening: ANIMA MUNDI International Art Festival

October 20, 2017

Photos from the opening party of ANIMA MUNDI International Art Festival in Venice where i participate with two video works, "Memory Lane" and "Mothers"!
The exhibition will last until 26 November!

ennea 9.jpg

October 17, 2017

ENNEA – PNEUMA (Official Video)

First official video release

October 17, 2017


ENNEA are releasing their first official video on October 17 and they chose an extract of my video “Mothers” to accompany their beautiful music! Our great collaboration that started last January is now expanding!

anima mundi 1.jpg

September 14, 2017

"Memory Lane" and "Mothers" selected at Anima Mundi Festival –Visions It’s LIQUID International Art Festival

September 14 – November 26 2017

Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy


Two of my works, “Memory Lane” and “Mothers” were selected to be part of “Visions”, the third appointment of Anima Mundi International Art Festival that will take place at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi from September 14 to November 26, in Venice, Italy!

The program, an international selection of video art, photography, painting, sculpture/installation and performance art works is curated by Luca Curci and Andrea Chinellato.

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