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The Martian Chronicles teaser is a promotional video for LatoMeio Project's first artist residency that took place in Easter 2017 in Leonidio, a small Greek village in the Peloponnese.


Founded in 2014 by the architect, performer and aerial dancer Eleni Danesi, LatoMeio Project is an initiative that aims to bring together people of different artistic backgrounds in order to explore the boundaries of contemporary art by creating unconventional collective works. It takes its name from the unorthodox performance space, a repurposed old family quarry.


The video was shot shortly after we started organizing LatoMeio Project’s residency with the aspiration to show and share the very first images and references we had in mind considering the site, the mood and – most importantly – the underlying theme of our residency that was inspired by Ray Bradbury's science fiction short stories collection “The Martian Chronicles”.

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