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‘A Prelude to Peer Gynt’ originated from my collaboration with the Greek avant-garde acting company ‘3rd person theatre group’, (A. Frida, E. Zarafidou and B. Fragou), who commissioned me with the video-art for their adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s classic play ‘Peer Gynt’, titled ‘Peer Gynt: No Man’s Land’.


The original work that inspired us places the title character inside a chaotic and fragmented universe, made up of antithetical notions and irreconcilable values. To work his way out of the contradictions of his world and find the solution to the maze, Peer Gynt has to rebuild his identity, collecting the traces of his scattered self.


The video is a representation of Peer Gynt’s journey inside the inner labyrinth of his recollections; it follows the lead character’s attempts to revive the faded images of his adolescence and to succeed in his search for lost primordial memories.


The production was awarded with an Ibsen Scholarship by the International Ibsen Awards in Norway, in September 2013.

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